Stephen MoonMosaics Pastor

Dr. Stephen Moon is an ordained pastor working toward building the Millennial generation (aka Mosaic generation or Generation Y) ministries. He graduated from San Francisco State University (BA in Industrial Arts), San Francisco Theological Seminary (Master of Divinity in Next Generation Ministry) and American Baptist Seminary of the West/GTU (Doctor of Ministry in Transformational Leadership).

Stephen is currently leading the Fellowship of Mosaics, a New Worshiping Community for the Mosaic generation in Sacramento Metropolitan Area. Since early 2015, Stephen has been developing the Davis Mosaics, a New Worshiping Community in Davis sponsored by Davis Community Church. Currently, Davis Mosaics provides Saturday intercultural language and music classes to reach out Millennials (aka Mosaics) living in Davis. As a Gen-Xer living in a rapidly changing multi-ethnic, cross-cultural society, Stephen wants to motivate Mosaics to engage in building the spiritual momentum (faith) and synergies (actions) to pursue the Great Commission (Matt. 28:16-20 & 2 Cor. 10:15b).