osaic Tea & Coffee began as a conversation in the park about the lack of jobs for adults with disabilities in the region.  This conversation quickly made its way across the street to Davis Community Church where a talented team came together to dream of what could be done.  Embracing a strengths perspective, Mosaic’s leadership grew from the disabilities community itself!  If you take a moment to read through the team profiles, you’ll quickly find that many in our group either have a disability or a close connection with a disability.  Over the course of the next year, this diverse team developed a plan for a social enterprise that provides job training for adults with disabilities while using a gift economy model for interaction.


The “Gift Economy” is our chosen economic model for interaction.  In a gift economy, “goods and services are given without any strings attached; it is an economic system where it is the circulation of the gifts within the community that leads to increase in connections, and increase in relationship strength.  At its core, gift-economy is a shift from consumption to contribution, transaction to trust, scarcity to abundance, and isolation to community.” (Nipun Mehta).

As building community is a primary goal of Mosaic, the gift economy enables us to make accessible what, for some, may be inaccessible.  In this way, we envision a place where the labels “poor” and “rich” no longer exist, but instead are replaced with “neighbor” and “friend.”



The Mosaic Tea & Coffee business plan may be reused elsewhere to work for the common good.  Feel free to use, adapt and modify.
Please notify Mosaic Tea & Coffee if you plan on using the business plan so we can celebrate with you and share the news with our local partners!