Our Leadership Team

  • Elisa Stone Co-Chair

    Elisa is a staff member at Davis Community Church.  She is a native of Davis and graduated with a B.S. in Psychology and Early Childhood Education from Cal Poly SLO.  While pursuing her Masters of Education at Sacramento State University, she adopted her 3rd child who was diagnosed with full Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  This led Elisa’s life into the path of advocacy for children in special education.
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  • Bill Habicht Co-Chair

    Bill is a pastor at Davis Community Church.  He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University (M.S.W.) and Union Presbyterian Seminary (M.Div).  Bill has helped to start projects such as the Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter, the Youth Leadership Institute, Pollinate Davis Coworking and the Radiate Art Collective. Bill is known for building community and drawing together different sectors to achieve amazing things.
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  • Miriam Rocke

    Miriam is a musician and writer.  She is a graduate of Stanford University where she received her degree in Symbolic Systems.  Early in life, at age 10, she started to experience the first symptoms of what eventually was diagnosed as fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP), which turns “soft connective tissue that progressively turns to bone.” Since that time, Miriam has lost significant mobility… but she is deterred from making a significant contribution in society.
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  • Diane Evans

    Diane is a life time community servant: An infant polio victim herself, at age 6 she knocked on doors collecting funds with the Shriners for polio survivors. Her social activism peaked when she went with African-American leaders to Tanzania’s 6th Pan African Congress to free the last colonized territories and the imprisoned Mandela. At 71 she is enrolled in a UCD post doctorate program in infant mental health.
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  • Cathy Speck

    Davis native Cathy Speck believes her purpose on Earth is to help people smile and laugh. Adds Cathy,”Not that there’s anything wrong with crying.  But seriously, I am thrilled to talk about finding joy and using humor while living and dying with two terminal diseases  – ALS and a rare cancer.  I’ll also explain how being funny and making music helped me survive self destruction years after my mom died of ALS.
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  • Adair Griffin
    Adair Griffin

    Adair Savoia is a student at Woodland Community College pursuing credits for a degree in Early Childhood Education. She also works at a local church nursery. She feels that it is important for people with disabilities to be able to have a work environment where they can feel successful and fulfilled as a member of the community. Adair has lived in Davis since she was very young, and believes that Mosaic would be a good asset to the Davis community.

  • Shannon Ramsay

    Shannon is a graduate of Stanford University and the UC Davis School of Law.  Shannon gradually went blind as a young woman, yet persevered in her dream of becoming an attorney, making her way through law school and passing the bar with the help of an assistant who read printed materials to her.  She previously worked as an attorney for a nonprofit that gives legal advice and assistance related to disability rights and benefits.

  • Lena Contreras

    Lena is a graduate from UC Davis with a Bachelors in human development and a Masters in community development. While at the University, she participated in several student organizations including the disabled students union and CALPIRG. She had several internships while completing her degrees including at the Sacramento Society for the Blind and the California Foundation of Independent Living Centers.
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  • Aren Scardaci
    Aren Scardaci
  • Lori Boettner
    Lori Boettner

    Lori moved to Davis in 2005 to be near family. She joined Alternative Recreation in Fall of 2005. In June of 2011, she had the opportunity to go to Athens, Greece for the Special Olympics World Summer Games and competed in Bowling.  She won 2 Gold Medals in Singles and a Fourth Place ribbon in Team Competition. She worked at Yolo Employment Services from 2007 to March 2013. She is now involved with Community and Employment Services and Lending Works and serves as the Vice- President.

  • Diana Kado

    Diana grew up on a farm in southern California where she saw first hand the values of hard work,  integrity and respect for nature.  She graduated from UC Riverside with a BA in English, then earned a teaching credential from CSU Hayward.  Diana substitute teaches for the Davis school district and the Yolo County Office of Education, working with special needs students.
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  • Stephen Moon Mosaics Pastor

    Stephen is an ordained pastor working toward building the next generation church that is focused on creating spaces for belonging and serving the “common good” of the community. He graduated from San Francisco State University, San Francisco Theological Seminary and American Baptist Seminary.
    Stephen is currently leading the Fellowship of Mosaics, a New Worshiping Community in Sacramento.
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  • Kathy Trott

    Kathy Trott is a leader and catalyst.  She brings together teams of people that she inspires and empowers so that innovation happens.  She holds an Economics degree from the University of California – Davis.  As a Vice President of Wells Fargo Bank she managed Operations, Accounting, Customer Service for a $2 Billion credit card portfolio.
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  • Jeannie Nishikawa
    Jeannie Nishikawa

    Jeannie is a mother of three, two with special needs. She is an author of three books, fashion designer/business owner, and President and Founder of Davis Korean Cultural Society (DKCS). She also serves on Multi-Cultural Community Council (MCCC) to Yolo County DA Jeff Reisig.

  • Chris Neufeld-Erdman

    In his work as a teacher, soul-friend, curator of community life, and steward of life in the heart of Davis, Chris strives to articulate the real message of Jesus to the spiritual seeker of the 21st century.  He works to serve those who are seeking meaning and a sense of belonging, especially among groups that work for the welfare of the communities where they live and for the good of the larger planet.
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