Our Design Team

  • Jessica Chen
    Jessica Chen

    Jessica Chen is a fourth year student studying Interior Design at UC Davis. She is an intern at Student Housing Design Services at UC Davis, as well as a student assistant in the Department of Design. After graduation, she plans to work in interior design for commercial space.

  • Jada Gilbert
    Jada Gilbert

    Jada Gilbert is in her final year at UC Davis where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Design with an emphasis on Interior Design as well as Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. Currently Jada is serving as an officer of the UC Davis chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers. After graduation in the spring of 2016 Jada plans to move to the bay area to pursue a career in Interior Design.

  • Mark Kessler
    Mark Kessler

    Mark Kessler is an Associate Professor at UC Davis, where he teaches studio classes in interior architecture. He is an architect and was a founding partner of the architectural firm FACE. His work has been published in leading design journals, including Progressive Architecture, Metropolis, and Home. A house constructed of rammed earth appears in the book, Weekend Houses, by Penelope Rowland (Chronicle Books, 2000).
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